The visual artist is defined by the Collins Definition of Visual Arts. “A visual artist produces visual art that communicates a thought or idea through a combination of visual senses.” Visual art includes any form of creation that utilizes the senses to express an idea or express a thought. The visual artist may use visual art to depict a work of art, produce a film, or make a sculpture.

Visual art forms are traditionally visual art forms including painting, drawing, film, photography, printmaking, sculpture, pottery, photography, computer arts and electronics. Most other artistic fields including performing arts, creative writing, creative dance, and theater also include elements of visual art. Visual art has come a long way from the origins of cave paintings. Painting and drawing on cave walls included the first images ever captured in pictures.

Visual artists create works of art in three ways. First, an artist can create works of art with the help of his/her mind alone. Other artists create works of art with the help of their bodies. Still other artists create works of art with the use of their bodies and/or their minds. Still others use a combination of all three to create their unique visual art.

Visual art is traditionally produced for one purpose and one reason only

That purpose and reason is to beautify the visual artist and to earn an income for the artist. This purpose alone is present in all artwork. The beauty is there to draw the attention to the artist and earn the income for the artist. All other purposes of the visual artist fade into the background when he/she starts to paint.

In fact, today, the work of visual artists is much more varied than it was in ancient times. Visual art in today’s world is generally used for a wide variety of reasons and uses. Still paintings are often used to decorate a room. Portrait paintings are used to capture personal memories, while still-life paintings are used to beautify buildings or memorials.

The visual artist can choose to sell any of his/her artwork

Some choose to exhibit it in galleries or show it in their studios. An artist may choose to sell their work in an online gallery or website. Many people who have never even heard of visual arts actually get a kick out of viewing the paintings done by a visual artist. It is actually pretty cool to look at. Whether the artist is an old master or someone new, they have some great artwork that is worth looking at.